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0 thoughts on “JuliaReaves-XFree – Cool Lovers – scene 4 – video 1

  1. This is Commander Rex as new Commander of the 501 legion and I require all men to watch my list of protocol

  2. Two plus two is four, minus one that’s three, quick mathsEveryday man’s on the block, smoke treesSee your girl in the park, that girl is a uckersWhen the ting went quack-quack-quack, you man were ducking (you man ducked)Hold tight, Asznee (my brudda), he’s got the pumpy (big ting)Hold tight, my man (my guy), he’s got the frisbeeI trap, trap, trap on the phone, movin’ that cornflakesRice Krispies, hold tight my girl Whitney (my G)On the road doin’ ten toes

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